Happy Paws Pet Resorts - Recommended By Pets Everywhere!™
Why Choose Happy Paws?

Our facilities are thoroughly cleaned several times daily to ensure Pets are not exposed to any harmful waste and bacteria that may affect their health.

Safe & Secure
Both of our facilities have triple safeguards to prevent Pets from escaping or unwanted visitors from coming in! Security camera’s,
8’ chain-link fencing, and on-site staff and owners that live on our properties ensure our Pet guests are safe and secure.

We average the largest personal Pet space in the industry. Our smallest suites provide 64 square feet of private space– our largest is 240 square feet. We provide 14 secure outdoor runs totaling well over 1 acre.

Every square inch of our facilities is climate controlled so our Pet guests are comfortable 24/7. We also have 6 separate air exchangers to ensure the air is always clean and fresh.

Both facilities were built from the ground up for Pets. They include Semi and Private suites, large Pet beds, heated floors, air-conditioning, air-exchangers, TV’s, IP Camera’s, pools, and play-sets to mention a few. We didn’t just throw a few cages in a pig barn or back shed.

We understand that your Pet is your baby and we treat them like our own. If you have an issue, Ivona Huzevka is only a phone call away.

Our people are our most important assets! All of the friendly staff at Happy Paws Pet Resorts have their own Pets and are experienced professionals in the Pet Boarding industry. They are very dedicated and knowledgeable on the needs and wants of our guests.

With over 8,000 happy customers, we feel we’re doing something right! We are constantly striving to be the best at what we do and ensure nothing but the best for our Pet guests. Word of mouth is our best advertising.

There’s lots of exciting things to do at either Happy Paws Pet Resort. From our large indoor and outdoor runs in Petrolia to our track & trail walks through our forest in Woodslee, our pet guests routinely see peacocks, horses, and the occasional deer! Happy Paws - Woodslee now offers exciting JD Gator rides around the track and soothing boat rides in our large pond!

Each year we donate both time and money to charitable organizations that help pets. If we can help educate people, we can help save pets.