Happy Paws Pet Resorts - Recommended By Pets Everywhere!™

Happy Paws vs. Pet Sitting

Put your feet in their paws.

Imagine if your pet was suddenly taken away from you. You are still in your home but does it matter?

Happy Paws

•Plethora of pet entertaining
options including indoor and
outdoor playgrounds, pools,
private trail walks, boat and
gator rides, etc.

•Pets are exercised and
socialized for several hours

•IP cameras allow pet owners
to monitor pets 24 hours per
day even on their smartphones.

•Pet owners home is secure
and privacy is maintained.

•Spring specials start at $45/day.

•On-site RVT and exclusive
Veterinarian check-ups ensure
pet welfare is top priority.

•Cage-free inside our home.

•Pets are socialized and new
friends made.

•Located on 35 acres in quiet

•Pets are able to enjoy their
vacation as much as you are.
Pet Sitting
(in your home)

•Pet is lonely and isolated for up to 23 hours/day.
•Unpredictable pet behaviour due to loneliness and anxiety.

•Pet may be caged while alone to prevent damage caused by loneliness and anxiety.

•Pet owner is unable to monitor pet’s behaviour while away creates anxiety for pet owner.

•Home privacy and security is trusted to pet sitter(s).

•2 visits of ½ hour may cost over $50/day.

•No Veterinarian check-up.

Please keep in mind that not all Pet Resorts are the same just as not all Pet sitters are the same.

The decision is ultimately up to the Pets owner as to the health and welfare of their Pet while they are away.

Think about it and do the research - your Pet will thank you!