Happy Paws Pet Resorts - Recommended By Pets Everywhere!™
Happy Paws vs. Pet Sitting?
Put your feet in their paws.
Imagine if your pet was suddenly taken away from you.
You are still in your home but does it matter?
CLICK HERE for a comparison.

How much does it cost?
Our Vacation prices vary depending on the size of Suite, Condo, or Villa that our Guests require.
For more information on our Vacation prices, please click on either of our locations Petrolia or Woodslee.

Where are you located?
Our Northern location near the Historical Town of Petrolia is conveniently located in the centre of Lambton County.
Our newest Southern location is in the beautiful Hamlet of Woodslee conveniently located in the centre of Essex County.

When are you Open or Closed?
We are open every day of the year!
For normal daily hours of operation, please click HERE for Petrolia and HERE for Woodslee.
Holiday hours may vary but we're still open!

What is the daily DOG schedule?
Early in the morning, Guests leave their Suites for a morning break. During this time, we ensure the Suite is clean, give fresh water and breakfast. During the morning, our Guests are either outside or inside socializing and/or playing supervised by members of our team. Lunch(if requested) and then nap-time and/or movie time and back out for a break and to play in the afternoon. Dinner is served late afternoon and then nap-time. Around mid-evening, our Guests take another break and then it's Nighty-Nite!

What is the daily CAT schedule?
Obviously our Cat Guests don't play and socialize with our Dog Guests but we do give them a lot of attention!

Does my Pet require vaccinations and if so what are they?
Yes, for the health and safety of all Guests, up-to-date vaccinations are strictly required.
No exceptions.
Please ensure that your Pet has the Bordetella vaccine. It may have been overlooked!
For a list of required vaccinations, please click HERE.

Can my Pet Check-in if any vaccinations are expired?

What should I bring?
DO bring your Pet on a collar and leash. Required at all times when checking-in or checking-out.
DO bring an up-to-date copy of your Pets vaccination papers for our records.
DO bring your Pets normal food, treats, and prescribed medications. We have a Pets Only refrigerator.
DO bring favourite toys and blankets. Yippee!
DON’T bring new food or treats. This may over-stress your Pet.
DON’T bring sharp objects. OUCH!
DON’T bring glass containers or other breakable items. YIKES!
We supply sanitized stainless steel bowls for meals and water but feel free to bring your own if you prefer!

When do I pay?
All accounts are due when your Pet is picked up. For Guests staying 30 days or longer, a 50% deposit is required.

How do I pay?
Currently, we DO NOT accept Credit or Debit cards.
Cash or Cheque with ID only.

Is there a discount for more than 1 Pet? How about long Vacations?
Yes. The second and third Pets will receive a 30% discount. As well, all guests staying longer than 30 days will receive an extra 10% discount.

My Pet is new at this. What do you suggest?
We highly recommend Doggie Daycare. This way, your Pet gets to know us, our Resort, and understands that you are not abandoning them!

My Pet is very shy. Do you have private playgrounds?
Yes. We have both indoor and outdoor playgrounds and will only socialize your Pet if that is your wish.

Do I need to sign anything?
Yes. Our standard Resort Agreement must be understood and signed by the Pet Owner. This ensures the highest level of comfort, safety and security for all of our Guests.